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New application


I filled out an application for a secretary position. I received an email from the Bethany School district saying there was a glitch in the application system and to please log in again and update the application to be considered for the position. I logged in and updated all the info and submitted my application, on the next screen I got the message " my information has been submitted but a new application has NOT been submitted." 

I am concerned that the district will not see my new information and I won't be eligible for the job. 

I called the human resources for Bethany Schools and they told me to contact you. 

Can you please help. 



Chrissy Petrino

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Exact same thing happened to me. I was told to contact support.  ??  Guess I will wait to see what happens since a "new" application option is no where to be found.


Good afternoon @cpetrino1120!


   Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with talent ed platform but I would like to offer a few external insights that may be of use to you.


Are there any documents or "checkboxes" that the application requires for submission?  Some schools require external documents to be added before an application can be submitted in other software.  It would allow you to move forward in the process but doesn't complete.


Does application status have anything under it?  Something like an incomplete application.


You could always call the school district HR department and ask if they see your application in the system or if anyone else has reported any problems.




You can also try clearing your browser cache like specified Here and try resubmitting.  Although I don't expect that to be the issue since you received an email from the employer, it wouldn't hurt to try.

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Hi @JustinCampbell 


Thank you for offering your assistance to our members in PowerSchool Community!


@cpetrino1120 , @Jaynine 


It appears that, since a glitch occurred your applications were not submitted. As updating your profile wouldn't help in submitting a new application, we recommend searching for the particular job in the Job listing and apply it again. 



Jyotishka B.
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