My computer froze Teacher EPI Assessment was submitted

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My computer froze Teacher EPI Assessment was submitted

I was taking the EPI Assessment. I still had over 50 questions left and I still had an hour left to complete it. I went to the next question and no question showed up, it was a blank box yet the timer was still running. I waited and then I got nervous and refreshed my page and then the test was summited I guess. Is there a way I can retake or finish the test?

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Community Support Expert


If your EPI is in a “Timed Out” status, you will need to reach out to the district to which you are applying to for additional information.  The district has the ability to reset your EPI Assessment.

If the district resets your EPI Assessment, Please follow the prerequisites listed on our knowledge base article to avoid being timed out again.  A direct link to the knowledge base article can be found here.

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