How to update an application

An applicant can update an application using the below steps.

  • The candidate will need to sign back into their account and select the Profile tab.
  • From the Profile tab, they can click on the Update link for the application they would like to make changes.
  • Once they click on the Update link they will be directed to navigate through the different pages in the application to make changes and then review and submit those changes.

These changes will appear on the admin side immediately after the change is made by the applicant. 


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This is a little misleading for our candidates. While they can update their profile, this is separate from their application. Is there any resource that explains this in more detail?  

Hi @klapira,


We checked with the Support team, and they confirmed that all information mentioned in this article is accurate. 

We would request you to reach out to Support via How to update an application and they can assist you with the queries.



Kamran Ahmed

Lead Support Knowledge Manager

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