Viewing Class Pages from Previous Years


Viewing Class Pages from Previous Years



We are an online school based in the UK, and we are in our second year of operation. Our class pages in Unified Classroom function as our virtual classrooms and teachers save resources and lesson recordings there. What I'm wondering is if students can access class pages from previous years? Right now, students who were enrolled in classes last year cannot see any of the class pages from the 2018-2019 school year. 


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Hey @eboothmos, thank you for your post on the PowerSchool Community !!!


In Unified Classroom, students only have access to the year and classes in which the student is active. So students who were enrolled in classes in the previous year don't have access to 2018-2019 resources anymore.


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I believe our students can access things from previous years, but need to double check that. I seem to remember helping a student get to the right page because they had to click on 2019-2020. We had had a glitch with PS and somehow students were defaulted to last year's classes for a bit. Not sure if this helps you or not, but they just need to go to the upper left hand corner of the screen and click on the year they want. I know as a teacher, I can close tests and things of that matter so students can't share those with others in the new year.