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UC Sandbox

Does anyone know how to get access to a Unified Classroom Sandbox account, in order to train my staff on Unified Classroom?

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PowerSchool Champion
PowerSchool Champion

Here is a trick that we used. Create a "Training" building and add sets of students and teachers (elementary, middle, high) to this building. Because we are in our system, we have access to our courses, our grade scales, our standards, etc. This comes as close to "live" training as you can get. 


This is the same as creating a Registration/Enrollment building for Enrollment Express. Make sure you set up the building to not state report and not include the accounts in your Active Directory/Microsoft/Google syncs. Put your accounts in a spreadsheet and share at your trainings. You can already have sample courses with sample kids, then have your teachers log in as the sample teachers, set up sample classes (assignments, attach standards, and so much more), and then log in as a student so they can see exactly how their students will see things. You can also add yourself as an Admin to this new building and possibly a few sample parent accounts (or add sample kids to an existing parent account).


This also helps when you want to take video or screenshots for training purposes. You do not have to worry about redacting names!


Good Luck!

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