Students being kicked out assessments


Students being kicked out assessments

I'm having reports from teachers saying that students are trying to complete an assessments, but they're being kicked out and they're answers are being deleted. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? 




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We have provided common troubleshooting steps when students are being logged out of an assessment. Would you please walk through the Common troubleshooting steps and confirm if the students are continuing to be logged out of the test session?


  1. Please have the students clear the cache within the browser on the student's computer. Is the student able to complete an assessment without being logged out?
  2. Please have the student complete the assessment using the incognito mode in the student's browser.
  3. Are students using the iPads to complete the assessments?
  4. This is common if a student loses internet connection while signed into an assessment. Can you confirm the students have a strong internet signal while completing the assessment?
  5. Are students navigating away from the assessment without completing the assessment? Kiosk mode will allow a short period of time for students to navigate away from the test. If the student doesn't return to the window in a few short seconds, the student will be logged out of the assessment and the test must be rest by the teacher before the student can log into the assessment again. This feature helps prevents students from navigating away from the assessment and using another window on the computer. 


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What did you find as the solution to fix this issue? We are having the same issue today along with some lagging issues.

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I'm sorry to hear students are being kicked out of assessments.  Did any of the suggestions previously posted in the thread help resolve the issue for your students?

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