Storage on Haiku account is full

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Storage on Haiku account is full

I am trying to import content to my Haiku account and it's telling me my storage is full so I completely deactivated my account in order to clear everything out and start new however its still telling me I don't have enough storage. My coworker has the exact same material I'm needing on her Haiku so I don't understand why mine is not holding it. I have tried to call support and got disconnected after waiting almost 30 minutes and I really would like to talk to someone. Our school starts Monday and I really need to have access to the content. 

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Community Support Expert

Hi! @jbomian 


You will have to manually delete everything and once it is deleted it can take up to 24-48 hours to sync the deletion to the software.  We have a couple of great Knowledge-base articles in the community for further guidance.  I recommend reviewing the articles provided below.


How to reduce your Storage usage? 


Quick tips on how to limit your storage needs. 

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