Standard's Based Report Cards


Standard's Based Report Cards

Any tips on creating a template for Standards Based Report Cards in PowerSchool SIS to be used with Unified Classroom?  My teachers are entering grades, but I can't figure out how to create the report card template in PowerSchool.  

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We used Object Based Report vs Report Card.  You can insert Standards as an option.   However, we modified one we downloaded from PowerSource.  I uploaded ours here, you will need to change the extension form .txt to .pst as this site will not allow me to upload a .pst file.  This is for Kindergarten only as this is the only one that uses Standard grades in our district.  


We use VisualPST  from to edit these as it is more user friendly.  


Mark Voignier
Greater Clark County Schools

My school also uses VisualPST.  So much easier.