How do I add additional children to my parent portal?


How do I add additional children to my parent portal?

I added 1 child.  I went back to email for the next child and it will not allow me to enter their access code and password.  It takes me to login page and when I log in it takes me directly to 1st child unified classroom page with no other options of adding others.  Very frustrating.  I need to add two additional children to my parent portal..please help. I've read other posts and they are not heloing with this topic.


Thank you kindly

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Hi there @jennygplus3!


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Sorry for the frustration. If you are using Unified Classroom you should be able to use the following steps to add a new student.


After logging in to Unified Classroom:

Click your name on the bottom left

Click Settings

Click "My Settings" under PowerSchool

Click the Students Tab

Click Add

Put in the Access ID and Access Password for the student you want to Add and click OK


If you follow those steps and the Access ID and Access Password aren't working for you, then you would want to reach out to the school and see if they need to provide updated versions.


Hopefully that help get your students added!





Hell I'm having the same issue. How do I get to the unified classroom? I have tried on desktop and phone.
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Thank you for reaching out in the Community!


You should be able to create a PowerSchool ID and link your parent account to your child's account for Unified Classroom following the steps below.


  1. Navigate to the account creation for parents and follow the prompts. 
  2. Verify your account ownership by entering your SIS password.
  3. Create a new password by following the prompts to gain access to your Unified Classroom dashboard.

Note: If your student's school has opted not to use the auto account creation feature for parents, then accounts can be created through the self-service option outlined in the Welcome to the Unified Classroom video on the PowerSchool Community.



I recommend reviewing the Unified Classroom Parent/Student help site using this direct link.

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Thank you so much!  That worked perfectly and took 5 seconds.