Getting Bounced Out/Logged Out - Class Pages

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Getting Bounced Out/Logged Out - Class Pages

We just ended our fall term (trimester school) and I'm working on a Friday night on a new class for the winter. Of course support is closed and PowerSchool Learning/Unified Classroom Class Pages is not cooperating. I'm constantly being redirected out of my page, forced to login and once back to the portal the same thing happens.  The PowerSchool Status page isn't helpful because no one is home to indicate if there are issues.


Sorry for the double post but the "Unified" Classroom Class Pages is really just a redirect to PowerSchool Learning.  

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Community Moderator

Re: Getting Bounced Out/Logged Out - Class Pages

I’m sorry to hear you are in a loop of being redirected to the login page. 


We have not received reports from other users with similar issues.  The Unified Classroom Support team is looking into your site and will reach out to you today to help resolve this issue of being continuously redirected to the login page.

Jamie H.
PowerSchool Community Moderator

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