Assignments discrepancy (Name, Categories & Percentages)


Assignments discrepancy (Name, Categories & Percentages)



As a student/parent if I look at the UC Dashboard I see a list of Upcoming Assignments. The issues are:

1) I can barely undertand what the course is as the field is so small I don't know what course the assignment belongs to

2) If the assignment was created in PS Learning, then is labeled as "ClassWork". BUT the teacher changed it to "Formative" and the only place I can see this if I go in UC -> progress -> Standards Progress -> Find the assignments lists. 

3) There are no assignment percentages in UC BUT there are assignments percentages in UC -> progress -> Standards Progress -> Find the assignments lists. HOW TO DISABLE THESE PERCENTAGES? Live Assist had no idea where to go either.




Daniela Silva

Director of Technology & Learning Innovation
The American School of Lima

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Hi @DSilva


Thank you for your post! It sounds like you reached out to support as well. We'll check to see if we have received other feedback on this. If not, we'll be sure to share it with our team.







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