When to Contact your PowerSchool Administrator for Unified Classroom




Although Teachers can contact Support via Live Assist for assistance, there are some instances in which they might want to contact their PowerSchool Administrator. This article aims to clarify situations where a Teacher would need to reach out to their District Admin.




The following is a list of items that will likely need review and/or correcting within the PowerSchool SIS by a District Administrator.


  • The calculated Letter Grade a Student received is not correct for the Percentage Value
  • A Report Card run from Quick Links > PowerTeacher Portal is blank or incorrect when compared to the Grades on your Scoresheet
  • Standards are outdated/incorrect/missing from a Scoresheet
  • Student enrolled in a class does not show under Students or Scoresheet
  • A Class Section that a Teacher is assigned to does not appear in the Class Picker
  • Missing Terms for Classes taught in the current School Year




In the event a Teacher is unsure of who to contact first, they are welcomed to reach out to Support via Live Assist to confirm the issue needs interaction from a PowerSchool SIS Administrator.