Technical Solutions Group Availability

Please note: Technical Solutions Group ("TSG") availability will be updated ahead of the upcoming holidays.


PowerSchool's Technical Solutions Group ("TSG") will have limited staffing Monday September 6th in observance of Labor Day in the US.


TSG staffing availability will vary according to the nature of the service PowerSchool customers have purchased from TSG according to the following schedule:


1. Data Continuity Service, Enterprise Management Service, and Information Technology Support Service - Schools, districts, and boards currently covered by one of more of these services may contact TSG for assistance using any one of the existing communication methods.


TSG staff will be available from:


eSchoolPlus: 12:00am - 05:30am PT

eFinancePlus: 5:00am - 2:00pm PT

BusinessPlus: 1:30am - 2:00pm PT

PowerSchool SIS: 12:00am - 2:00pm PT


2. Solicitations for Installations, Updates, Upgrades, and other one-time or ongoing services - Schools, districts, and boards interested in purchasing one or more services from TSG should email us at Emails will be responded to on or before Tuesday, September 7th according to staff availability.


We are continuing to have issues with both the Bio update  and the application. Neither one is allowing data to deliver.


This is business critical and has caused several delays in our operations. Please email me a time we can chat today 4/13n via Zoom.

1pm ET

2pm ET

3pm ET


Thank you.

Hi @christiner,


Thank you for reaching out to us. We see that you are working with the support on this and we have reached out to the Enrollment Support team to review this and follow up on your case.

yes I've been offered a position through the Montgomery county board of education. for some odd reason I've been blocked from receiving my job offer. Is there any way you can assist me with this problem?

Good Morning, 

I had a substitute come into our office today with an IPhone and was unable to log into Smartfind on the mobile app or the phone’s internet.  She entered her Access ID and password and it would not continue to the next screen.  I tried the same credentials on a desktop computer and it went through successfully.  Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.