Web access report

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Web access report

Hello, a currently issue I am having with my school is giving out powerschool passwords. How can I run a report of all of the students log in information for powerschool? I have been searching for every student to give them their username and password which is quite time consuming.

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Try puling a report from quick export and pulling the following data fields. 

 ^(Student_Web_ID)  ^(Student_Web_Password)

Dulce Perez

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You can create a mailing label to print multiple students per page, helpful for handing to students and/or teachers to give to their class. 


This is the body of my label: 


<u> ^(First_Name) ^(last_name)</U>

<P>Your Confidential ID is: ^(Student_Web_ID)<BR>

Your Password is: ^(Student_Web_Password)</P>


I have this set as to print on a shipping label, but depending on font, you could absolutely do a smaller label.