Data Not Saved Message

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Data Not Saved Message

On PowerSchool Pro, I get an error message that says "Data not saved" when I try to add a comment to students grades.

Is there a work around or fix to this problem?

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In order to assist further with the error message, I recommend reaching out to one of the Designated Support Contacts of your school district who should be able to connect with PowerSchool Support. While contacting support it would be great if you could provide a screenshot of the error message when trying to add a comment to student grades. 

Sowmya Karmel
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I just had this problem with a school, and the cause was that the gradebooks were set to lock today. Evidently, PowerSchool interprets "today" as 12:00AM, rather than the 11:59:59PM that we would assume. Adding a day to the lock interval resolved the issue.


Hoping this helps!