XML Export does not include Q3 grades

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XML Export does not include Q3 grades

For the Arlington, MA public schools, I believe that Q3 grades have been finalized, but where I export the XML data (with the .mime extension) I do not see data for the latest grading period. (I'm also surprised that the export does not reflect the current portal view). When will we be able to export the data?

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You will need to verify that the grades for Q3 have been stored in the historical grade record for the students. There are a variety of ways reports can be written so I'm not able to tell you with certainty when you can export the results.  If the export is pulling the data from stored grades, you will not be able to export until the grades for Q3 are stored.


Generally, once the grade records are stored for one term, say Q3,  the current grade display is manually edited to the next term.


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