Standard grades /Grades and Attendance tabs

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Standard grades /Grades and Attendance tabs

Our school district has changed to from traditional grading to Standard grading. The tab with traditional grading call Grades and Attendance is the first tab you see. Some how it is calculating points in that tab when the grades are calculating points in the Standard tab. My son is low on a standard it is showing a F which is making him very upset when we check his grades. I have asked the school to fix this problem since Oct. and it is still not fixed. We are now starting a new semester. The school told I have two options ignore it or call Powerschool. Which should not be happening but here I am. I want to know how they can fix it. Your help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Community Support Expert

Hi @MTParent,


I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulties with the PowerSchool Mobile app.


The changes you are requesting can only be handled by the district as the grade/assignments option in the app is managed by the district.  The district admin is welcome to reach out to PowerSchool if they need assistance making changes.

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