Searching for students with IEP's

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Searching for students with IEP's

Is there a way to search for students that are on an IEP?

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How do you have these students identified in PS? We use the Alert_Other for staff to include IEP at a glance information for teachers and admin. Then we are able to search for those students and pull a report of the text included in the alert box. 


We are also using Special Program Enrollments for our special services identified students. 





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In Georgia, we search for 'not blank' on the field that has an entry if the student is SPED, thus:




Try going to your "State Reporting Help" section using the "?" at the top of PowerSchool. On the left there should be a section called "Data Dictionary". Find your field category on the left, in my case it's "S_MI_STU_GC_X", and use ctrl + F to do a search for "flag". You should be able to find the exact field used to indicate IEP. Then you can just add =1 to find your students with the flag.