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Push Notifications

I used to get notifications on my android with grades, etc for both of my children but they all have suddenly stopped. it shows on the app the notifications are enabled for one child but not the other and does not give me an option to add the 2nd child to the push notifications only for emails

I have restarted the phone, uninstalled and reinstalled the app but still do not have the option.


i have contacted the tech dept in our school district but they say it looks fine on their end.



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Are both of your children attending the same school (not district)? If not, schools are able to disable push notifications for their students (but not email notifications). So, I would guess the school recently chose to disable push notifications for the child that you cannot enable push notifications for.


They attend two different schools. One in elementary, the other in high school

the one in elementary - notifications are disabled right now due to grading.

It does not give me an option to choose the high schooler for push notifications - only email. 




Hi @Kimmy2125,


Push Notification settings on the PowerSchool Mobile app are universal and cannot be changed for individual students.  If a school disables notifications, that information is made available in this area of the mobile app.


Email notification settings are student-specific on the app but not Push Notifications.


We encourage you to submit a feature request on the PowerSchool Ideas Portal for Push Notification settings to be made student-specific.  You can learn more about the Ideas Portal below.




If you are no longer receiving Push Notifications, the schools have likely disabled Push Notifications from their end.  Only the school/district has access to the settings to enable/disable notifications.

Bishal G.
PowerSchool Community Support Expert
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