PowerSchool Mobile on Managed Chromebooks


PowerSchool Mobile on Managed Chromebooks

Has anyone else had problems getting the PowerSchool Mobile app to push out through the play store on a managed chromebook? I've contacted google support and they have veriffed all settigns being correct. They even tested on their own devices in their lab and couldn't get it to work.

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Are you able to run the Mobile App on the same Chromebook that is NOT managed? My understanding is that most Chromebooks are not able to utlize the Play Store.

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My school is also struggling with this. We have tested on both managed and unmanaged Chromebooks since we push applications through Chrome Management based on their user group. For all other applications we are pushing, the user receives all the appropriate applications EXCEPT PowerSchool Mobile.


@kerrschool - Which Chromebook, specifically? Please send the manufacturer and model.