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Mobile App Update

Are there any other schools that are Unified Classroom and using Microsoft SSO?  With the new app update we had some reports of the app crashing when Microsoft SSO is used in the iOS app.  The phones were runnng the latest iOS.


Also, There is no mention if the minimuum software requirments on Andrid and iOS for the app to run.  We already had an issue with an android phone running older software.

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It IS down. I use MSFT SSO and it is clearly crashing after the authentication is passed back. 


Hey @jhanlon@Carverm,


Thank you for reaching out for assistance on the PowerSchool Community! 


I am sorry you are experiencing difficulties logging into Unified Classroom using Microsoft SSO on the iOS app. 


We are unable to replicate the app crashing on the new iOS version and would need the user's credentials to try and replicate this on our systems. In order to protect the privacy of the user's credentials, we suggest connecting with Unified Classroom Support team to share the user's credentials and allow PowerSchool to further assist. 


Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any follow-up questions.

Elston S.
PowerSchool Community Moderator
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Our mobile app will not display GPA. I opened a case two weeks ago but they can't seem to resolve it. 



Hi @JohnR8, Thank You for reaching out to us on PowerSchool Community!

I suggest making sure that GPA setting is not Disabled, this setting can be verified by following the steps below:


  • Log on to Parent/Student Access
  • Navigate to the Start Page
  • Select School Setup
  • Select Parent/Student Setup
  • Navigate to Available Features
  • The Available Features tab in the Parent/Student Access page has the Current GPA disabled option, Uncheck the box if checked

A confirmation on the visibility of GPA on the Students Quick lookup screen will help us troubleshoot further.

Please feel free to reach out for further assistance

Bishal G.
PowerSchool Community Support Expert
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