Meal Balance and Fees


Meal Balance and Fees

The mobile app is saying that my fees and meal balance are disabled. How do I make it to where it is not disabled?

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That is set by the school or district. You must contact your local PowerSchool administrator regarding the issue.

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Hey @Lana1Pierce

The cumulative Meal Balance is displayed on the Application Dashboard of the app. If you are unable to see it on the dashboard and are willing to enable Meal Balance on your device, you need to login to the PowerSchool mobile application and go through the following steps:


1. Go to the dashboard located at the bottom left-hand corner on the application.


2. Then go to Edit located at the top left-hand corner on the application.


3. It will take you to the edit dashboard page from where you have to unhide Meal Balance from the hide section and this should enable it on the application. 


If the Meal Balance is not under the hide section and it's still disabled on your application then it may be disabled from your school district, you will want to get in touch with the school district for further assistance regarding this issue.

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Meal balances and fees information may not be kept in PowerSchool.  Depending on the other applications used by your district, that may not be an option.  PowerSchool's fee module is very limited.  The schools in my district use other methods of managing fees.  Some will be diligent and try to keep the fee balances in PowerSchool as well, but that is double the work.  The same for lunch.  We use another product for lunch and the payments are managed through that vendor, not PowerSchool.  We do our best to make sure that parents can's access or request data for either of those modules.


I hope this helps.  Bottom line, talk to your district and find out how they manage fees and meal balances.


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