Discipline Log Entries

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Discipline Log Entries

Is there a way for teachers to be emailed when an admin adds discipline to their log entry? Is there also a way for teachers to see the discipline that has been added?

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There is not a way for teachers to be emailed when an admin adds discipline at this time. You can submit this as a new idea in the PowerSchool Ideas Portal; https://help.powerschool.com/t5/PowerSchool-Ideas-Portal/ct-p/PowerSchool-Ideas-Portal. 

Teachers can only see logs for their own students, there is a plug-in in PowerSource where teachers can see all logs of only their students the download ID is 867. 

I have used two workarounds in the past:

1. Create a course that you can enroll all students into and make an admin the lead teacher, then all teachers as co-teachers

2. Create a group for the teachers in the Admin side of PowerSchool and give the teachers a login give them view only access to log entries then they cannot change anything but will be able to see logs for students.


I hope this helps!

Jackie Sonsiadek
Student Information System Specialist
Rich Township District

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