Delay in assignments on app


Delay in assignments on app

I'm being told that since the latest release (android user) it's taking at least 24 hours for an assignment/grade to appear on the PS mobile app. I have asked the user to delete and reinstall the app and she says it's the same results. Anyone else experiencing this and what is a solution?

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Lead Community Moderator

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I'm sorry to hear a user is experiencing difficulties viewing grades within the PowerSchool mobile app!

Would you please provide the following information to allow PowerSchool and other Community members to further assist?


  • Have you received reports from more than one user?
  • It the user experiencing difficulties viewing one assignment or multiple assignments?
  • Is the district using PowerTeacher Pro for assignment grades?
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I just entered a grade for my test student and the change appeared in the mobile app in under 10 seconds.

Full Disclosure: I do not work for PowerSchool