Cannot Connect Server (Android)

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Cannot Connect Server (Android)

I keep getting this error message (Cannot Connect Server) when I open the app and try to update the informantion.  I have contacted the school and they say they have everything setup correctly.  I can access the account with my laptop just fine.  I get notifications on my phone just fine.  I just cannot get the update when I open the app.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app.  They are saying the problem is on my end on my phone.  The app worked flawlessly last semester.  I have tried two methods of connecting 1)WiFi and 2)Cellular network.  Neither works.  I did have it working last night just long enough to get an update after I logged into my laptop.  Today it won't connect again.


Are there any settings that I need to look at on my phone that might be causing this issue?


The phone is a Samsung Galaxy J7


Thank you

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Lead Community Moderator

I'm sorry you are receiving difficulties access the PowerSchool Mobile app.  It seems you have walked through the initial troubleshooting steps of ensuring internet connection and uninstalling and reinstalling the app.  I recommend reaching out to PowerSchool Mobile Support to ensure the school code has been set up correctly and to further troubleshoot any issues you are experiencing.   


A case can be created with PowerSchool Mobile Support by emailing


It appears that everyone with a Samsung is affected and no resolution is being given. I am seeing multiple people with the same issue including myself and I have a Samsung S7.


Hi @tysweetpea,

I have provided information and further steps to help troubleshoot in another thread, please find the direct link to the thread below.

Mobile app not working

Bishal G.
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