Can App be linked to 2 different districts?


Can App be linked to 2 different districts?

We have a family that has students in 2 districts - both using PowerSchool.  Is there a way for the parent to use the app to see all 3 children across the 2 districts?

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Unfortunately no, it's only tied to multiple schools within one district.

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Would you be able to post the directions to do this?  I can't find a way to add a district within the PowerSchool app.  I do have parents whose students are split by district and I'd like to provide them with assistance.  Thank you. 



I also have parents who only use the mobile app and have students in different districts. Even when they sign out of one account, when the re-open the app it defaults to the other district. PowerSchool support says they don't have a way to switch districts within the mobile app. Any ideas?

Thank you.

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Hi @GayleR1 @PamelaD 


Unfortunately no, the account can only be tied to one district with the mobile app.


This is a great suggestion for the PowerSchool Idea's Portal as an enhancement request. This article will guide you through searching, voting, and adding ideas.


We have a few requests on this topic that I encourage you to vote on.








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I am a parent too. I figured out how to see our children from different schools in the app, however, it is not at the same time. They key is to know each district's "District Code". I'm not sure if the parent's above are aware of this, but I'll add it here for anyone who isnt.


1. Have accounts created to access your kids' accounts. It will make it faster if you use the same username/password for all accounts as this will remove one more thing to remember.


2. If you are logged into PowerSchool, log out and get to the login screen.


3. The key to seeing each kids' info, from the login screen, click the "< District Code" link at the top left of the login screen.


4. Once on the District Code screen, enter the district code of the child you want to access.


5. Return to the login screen and enter the username/password for that account.


So unfortunately, you will only receive notifications for the kids you are currently logged in for in the app, but as far as accessing info manually, this works.


**** If this is the best PowerSchool can do for multiple student access, I would request the app save previously entered District Codes as a drop down or save the District Code as data attached to each child's name and have each child's name saved in a drop down. This should be an easy addition to the app as it is information stored on your phone and would not change how PowerSchool is developed for each school server.


Same issue, but also didn't get any solution on it. What if we try out the two different devices for individuals? 

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Hi @captaincringe,


Yes, you can use two different devices as a workaround or log out and then log into the district for your other child. I recommend reviewing this thread for more information.



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This is just the same as "Mom is signed in for one kid, Dad is signed in for another". Too bad if you have three kids 🙂