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(I'm not just a PowerSchool administrator for one district, but I'm a PowerSchool parent for another 🙂 )


My employer district doesn't use Unified Classroom, but as a parent, my attending district does.  I installed the app (for Android), I enter the 4 character district code, and I'm taken to the UC login screen.  I log in (I know my account & password are valid because I can successfully log on via a real computer).


I'm taken back to the 4-character "enter the district code" screen.  I do so.  I'm returned to the UC login screen.


And repeat.

Troy School District, Troy, MI, USA
District Size: 12,000+
Server Config: On-prem/Self-hosted 3 app+1 db+2 test

I am not a PowerSchool employee

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Lead Community Moderator
Lead Community Moderator

@JeromeO  The district may need to resubmit the "Mobile Registration" page in the SIS - it refreshes the App and SIS connection.  Have you connected with the district to see if it has been reported by multiple parents?  I haven't seen any reports on our side.  


Have you tried on another device (if you have one) to see if it is related to your device or the app?

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