AZEDS Integrity Errors


AZEDS Integrity Errors

From Azeds support


Hi MaryAnn,


I looked at some of the errors below, and from what I can tell they seem legitimate.


For most of integrity errors, more details can be found at the following link: [in the "Integrity Rules" reference section].


For error 10091:

The date of absence or attendance must be on a valid in-session day for the fiscal year within the membership start and end date, else report discrepancy as an error.


For Error 30001:

If an ELL Program participation is submitted and the assessment does not demonstrate the need, then report the discrepancy as an error.



If an ELL Program has been submitted for a student and, find the most recent assessment (within the current or past fiscal year of the ELL Program start date) having an assessment date the same or earlier than the ELL Program start date. If an assessment is not found, then report the discrepancy as an error.



If a SPED program is submitted for a student without Main SPED School indicator, then report the discrepancy as an error


I hope this information helps.



Thank you,




Hi Maryann,


I am looking into these errors today and I'll let you know what I find.


Thank you,





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Hello @mpenczar,


Thank you for posting in the Community!  Can you please review your data to make sure it is correct in both PowerSchool and AZEDS.  For example,  for Error 10091, can you confirm that attendance did not change for the student(s) or the entire school?


If your data does not match in both systems, we suggest reaching out to the Designated Support Contact(s) at your school/district. This way they can submit a support ticket to the PowerSchool Support Team on your behalf for further investigation. 



Nina R.
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