Solo Teacher Account


Solo Teacher Account

I have a parent trying to add a 2nd kid to their account, I can not figure out for the life of me how a parent can add another kiddo to their account. 

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If your Learning is synced with PowerSchool SIS the relationships should be automatic. Other forms of authenticaton here >>






You need a Parent Portal letter with Access account and password for each student you want to add.

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Hi @kvillanu


Thank you for your post! The article that @skrishna shared is a good resource for parents on your roster. I would recommend looking through that to review your options.


If you are using invitations, it might be helpful to note that each student has a unique code. A parent can sign up for your class and enter the code for each child. If they have multiple children, they only need to create an account once and log in with the same account each time and use the unique code for each child when they register. This code will connect them to each child on your roster. 


Hope this helps!



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