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Re: PowerSchool Community Feedback and Suggestions

I think there is a bug and have had a hard time trying to figure out how to contact someone to get help! The bug is that when someone logs in to one of my classes and clicks on a certain file to download, it says the class is inactive (even though the user is already on the class page and can download other files. How do I fix this?


Second, what is the easiest place/method to report things like this?




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Good afternoon @ElishevaBlum!   


Thank you for posting in the PowerSchool Community! As an initial troubleshooting step, I would recommend that the users clear their browser cache from their History in Settings, log out, log back in, and go to the home page to make sure they are accessing a class that is currently active. If they have an old link (maybe something they bookmarked), and if that class became inactive, that may explain the issues they are seeing. I would also recommend that the teacher check the links to make sure that those links are not pointing to an old class. 

Should you continue to experience any further difficulty with accessing your classes, a support case may also be submitted so that our support team can troubleshoot your specific instance. The following article contains the instructions for submitting Learning-related cases for your district:


We would be interested to hear if any other users in the Community have experienced similar instances and encourage you to let us know if you have also seen something similar or were able to reach a resolution. If so, please feel free to post those responses as well!






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I was able to re-upload the file, and that seems to have fixed the problem. Thank you!