PowerSchool Learning | Course Roster Status Student - disabled


PowerSchool Learning | Course Roster Status Student - disabled

Hi Guys, 


I have a few examples of students who are properly assigned to their course rosters and when liked to another page (Multi Section Pages) i see Student - disabled instead of student. 


This is problematic as the student does not see their course page. 


Why does this happen and aside from removing all course from the student, breaking all the section links, removing the students from each section how can i 'activate' the student?


Anyone else seeing this same thing?



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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hi Ryan:


When a student becomes disabled on the roster of a master class, it usually means that either the student was manually disabled or automatically disabled due to a change in the imported data. It could also mean that the master class fell out of sync with the import. When you see disabled students who should be active in the class, here are a couple of things to try:


  • Make sure that the students and their rosters are all correct in the import. 
  • Make sure the student's account has not been disabled on the domain level
  • If everything looks right, here are some ways to make sure the student is back on the roster
    • Go to the class, Manage Class > Manage Roster > Sync with source (sync with import)
    • You can also go to Roster > Manage Sections and unlink and then relink sections, this will help with updating the sync. This will remove all students and then add them back in. Their data will stay with the class in the background during the process.
    • If that doesn't solve the issue, Manage Roster > Roster Settings > Uncheck Hide Removed Students (this will reveal any students who are disabled on the roster). Then next to those students, click Manage Student > Enable. This will make them active on the roster.

I hope these suggestions are helpful. If you need additional help, our support team can take a look at your specific case. We would recommend going to the Help menu in your domain and submitting a request. Please let us know if we can continue to help!


Thank you,


Jennifer P


We are seeing this same issue with several of our courses where rosters sync with role-based courses (rule based on student grade level). Specifically, it appears that students that have joined our school within the last two months are appearing in their classes that are linked to classes populated from PowerSchool. However, they are not being enrolled into the courses that are linked to courses that are role based.


We find it necessary to unlink and then re-link these rosters whenever new students join our schools (quite often). It would be helpful to know what we can do to better ensure that these rosters sync as expected without the need for our our intervention.


Kind regards,


DHA 8th Elective linking issue.png


DHA 8th Elective linking issue2.png




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @RHendricks,


Thank you for sharing the experience you are having with role-based rosters. Our support team can help investigate a bit more by looking at your specific classes and rosters where this is happening. It looks like they are already working on this with you and will continue to reach out through your support request. 


Please let us know if we can continue to help!



PowerSchool Community Manager

Hi everyone.


We're having the same issue here.


Students who were changed from section in the SIS are not changing in linked courses.


We followed the recommendations.


1. Syncing with source didn't work, it displayed the message "Good news! All sections are in sync."


2. Enablibg the student will only result in a manual addition of the said student, but will not sync his grades.


Any chance you found a solution for this issue?

Lead Community Moderator
Lead Community Moderator

Thank you for reaching out for an update within the Community!  The details of each data sync between PowerSchool and PowerSchool Learning is specific to a district.  I recommend reaching out to PowerSchool Learning Support to request the details of the sync for the roster of particular courses is reviewed.  


To create a case with PowerSchool Learning Support, please visit the Help menu located inside of your PowerSchool Learning account to contact Support.

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