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Daily log

Is there a way to keep a daily log or notes to myself for each page. I have a page for each unit and I would like to be able to keep a running log of what we accomplished each day, but not visible to the students.

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Hey Mtb604,


Thanks for posting in the Learning Forum. That's a great question. Although we do not currently have that functionality here are a few work arounds that may help. 


  • A teacher can add the notes to unpublished pages in the class. I would recommend creating a subpage for notes under each of the current pages and keeping that subpage unpublished. This will only be visible to the teacher. Here is a screenshot of what this could look like. 



  • The teacher can also keep the notes in a separate class. One idea is to make a copy of the class under Manage Class > Save Class As and use that copied class that students can't access to add notes. 


Thanks again for your post. If any other users have anything they would like to add or any ways they use notes for their classes, chime in! 




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