Adding Google Doc-Says I Must Sign In, but I Am


Adding Google Doc-Says I Must Sign In, but I Am

I am a literacy coach for Greater Clark County Schools. I am trying to add Google Docs to a block, which I have done numerous times. Over the past week, when I try to add a Google Doc, I get a message that says I must be signed into Google (which I am). On that message, when I click on the button "sign-in," a blank window opens and closes quickly and nothing else happens. I've tried to add Docs in several different classes and get the same message. Any thoughts on why this is happening? I've had our IT guy look at it and he says I'm signed in to Google and doesn't know why I am getting the message either.

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Are you using Learning within Unified Classroom? If so, are you using Google single sign on (SSO)?

Or are you using Learning on its own? If so, are you authenticating through Learning or by using Google?


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