PowerSchool Enrollment Fast Track Deployment

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PowerSchool has measured a significant increase in the need for digital form solutions in many areas of school business, but especially those related to enrolling students and families. We understand this need can sometimes be urgent; in response, we're offering Fast Track packages for PowerSchool Enrollment, Enrollment Express, and Ecollect Forms (known as Ecollect Lite); the purpose of our new packages is to equip you with the building blocks you need to establish viable “turnkey” form solutions on the shortest possible timeline.  


To accomplish this, we: 


  • Provision your tools (install the products and complete basic configuration)
  • Provide you with templates we’ve engineered to meet the most common core needs 
  • Enable your access to our form editing functionality  
  • Equip you with learning materials to enhance your form editing skillset  
  • Configuring the data integration between your Enrollment solution(s) and SIS 
  • Set you free to use the solutions as-is, or customize to your liking to meet both immediate and ongoing needs! 


See the links below to preview our New Student and Returning Student form templates:


New Student 

Returning Student