How to register a first time student??


How to register a first time student??

I got an email from my son's district saying I need to visit the Parent Portal, with instructions to follow a link.  Supposedly once I follow the link I am able to select my son's name and register him.


However, I follow the link and get 2 options:

- sign in

- create account


I tried to create an account but apparently can't do so without an access ID.  Nowhere in any communication has an access ID been sent to me, nor do I know how to get one.  So what am I supposed to do?


This is severly lacking and not intuitive at all.

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Re: How to register a first time student??

Thank you for reaching out in the PowerSchool Community!


The Access ID is generated and provided by the school district.  If you did not receive an Access ID, I recommend reaching out to your child's school to request your Access ID is provided.



Jamie H.
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Re: How to register a first time student??

How am i supposed to get in touch with the school if no one is there? i've gotten in contact with the Kindergarten teacher that my other child had and all they say is the registration form is online but it is not. they sent me a snap shot of a poster saying to get on this app to register for Kindergarten. I finally get it to work right to give me a district code and now it wants me to log in. I was not given a username or password and the app does not give me an option to create one. Please, tell me what I am supposed to do because i have been basically harrassing this poor teacher for the past 2 months about how to register for Kindergarten. Apparently, NOBODY knows because i did bring to their attention that the form is not on the school website so they said they would fix it but it has been 2 weeks. Also, when is the deadline for Kindergarted registration in Robeson County? Google doesn't know and neither does anyone else that i have been able to contact.


Re: How to register a first time student??

Hi @Jernigb


I am sorry you are facing difficulties enrolling your child in school. You can register your child using the link to the Enrollment form shared by your school or district.


We at PowerSchool do not have access to parent portal account information. The accounts are managed and handled at the school district's end and are stored on their servers. I recommend reaching out to the Enrollment section of the school district who should be able to assist you with the credentials required to log in. The school's website should contain information on how to contact them. 

Elston S.
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