2017-2018 SOL scores in Assessment & Analytics?


2017-2018 SOL scores in Assessment & Analytics?

​I have received mixed responses from A&A support regarding Fall 2017-2018 SOL scores and the automatic "feed" from VDOE.  The last thing I heard from them is that VDOE has not yet released the Fall 2017-2018 scores.  When I choose SOL scores from Report Builder in A&A. the 2017-2018 year is greyed out indicating no scores are available.

Is anyone able to access 2017-2018 scores in A&A?

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PowerSchool Team
PowerSchool Team

Re: 2017-2018 SOL scores in Assessment & Analytics?

Hello uhligd1,


I wanted to follow up with you regarding your report of missing Fall 2017 SOL data in "Longitudinal Reporting." Thank you for your post! We have reached out and are working closely with the DOE. As soon as they receive the data from the testing vendor, we will ensure it is displayed in "Longitudinal Reporting.” We are happy to continue working with you through your support request to make sure we share the latest updates. 


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