What is an LTI Tool and how do I add one to my domain?



What is an LTI Tool and how do I add one to my domain?



LTI (or Learning Tools Interoperability) is a standard developed by the IMS Global Learning Consortium that allows for the easy and seamless connection of web-based learning content and tools. Through our new LTI Tools integration, you can embed your favorite learning applications, content and activities into PowerSchool Learning from their externally-hosted platform. Add new LTI Tools to your domain through the Applications area of the domain control.

Looking for some examples of the wonderful LTI tools out there? Check out our examples, this great list of Edu Apps, or this collection from IMS Global!


Add and Configure LTI Tools

Any domain administrator can add new or configure preexisting LTI Tools through the Applicationsarea of the Domain Control. Navigate to the LTI Tools tab, then select "Add new Activity" to get started!


Enter the Name and Description of your new tool, then fill out a few key fields we need to make the connection. The Host, Key, and Secret for your tool can be obtained through your LTI Tool provider.



What if I my tool doesn't require a Key or Secret?

Sometimes, a tool does not require a unique Key or Secret, and that's just fine. Enter "none" in those fields, and you should be able to Enable the tool through the Manage Tool drop-down menu.

Upload an Icon

Select Manage Tool > Change Icon to upload a new icon for the selected tool. For the best luck, please upload a .jpg or .png file! PowerSchool Learning will automatically resize the image to fit our 32px by 32px display.




If you do not add an icon, the default icon will displayed, as in the image above.

Should I "Share Names and Email Addresses with this Application"?

It's up to you! Allowing an LTI tool to access your users' names and email addresses will identify any work they do within the tool with them personally. If you choose not to pass email adresses and names to the tool provider, each user will be associated with a random, unique identifier instead. Identifying a student by their name can help Teachers to connect student-created content with a specific individual, but this individual connection is not always necessary.

Find out more about adding an LTI Activity to a class in our article How do I add an LTI Activity to my class?

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