How do I update G Suite so that PowerSchool Learning can access my Google Calendars?



How can I allow Teachers to display Google Calendars alongside their PowerSchool Learning Calendars?



If you are already a PowerSchool Learning School with G Suite Integration, you can enable Teachers to show Google Calendars alongside their PowerSchool Learning Calendars by enabling this in your settings.

Step 1: Ensure that you have granted Data Access

Log into your G Suite Domain using an administrator account and go to your Marketplace Apps. Find the PowerSchool Learning App and make sure that under "Data Access" you see the green word "Granted." 




Step 2: Enable Calendar in G Suite

Once you grant data access in G Suite, you will be able to enable Google Calendar integration in your PowerSchool Learning domain. 

1) Go to the Applications tab in your PowerSchool Learning Domain Control. 

2) Select the Settings link next to G Suite™ Integration




3) A thickbox will pop up with information about your G Suite domain. Part way down the window, you will see an Enable or Disable button for Google Calendar




That's it! Your teachers will now be able to add Google Calendars to their classes.  For more on how to do this, check out this article.

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