[For LTI Providers] What Annotated LTI Parameters do PowerSchool Learning send to LTI Providers?



What LTI Parameters and field data are sent from PowerSchool Learning to external LTI Tool Providers?




We currently send a mix of PowerSchool Learning field data (which will be unique to the user, class, activity, etc.) and "Static Data" that will not change from Activity to Activity. PowerSchool Learning is currently LTI 1.1 certified by IMS. For more information on LTI 1.1, check out the specification posted on their site.


Below are the parameters provided to an LTI Tool Provider in an LTI Launch from PowerSchool Learning to LTI Tool Providers:

The following parameters will ALWAYS be sent
LTI Launch Field PowerSchool Learning Field or 
"Static Data"
lti_message_type "basic-lti-launch-request"  
lti_version "LTI-1p0"  
resource_link_id Activity ID The unique identifier for the PowerSchool Learning Activity, representing a single instance of the LTI Tool being used within PowerSchool Learning. This field is immutable and unique within all of PowerSchool Learning.
resource_link_title Activity Title  
user_id User id The unique identifier of the current user across all of PowerSchool Learning, not just in the class containing the LTI launch. This field is immutable and unique within all of PowerSchool Learning.
roles "Instructor" 
Within the context of the current PowerSchool Learning class, the Teacher's role will be "Instructor" and each Student's role will be "Learner."
custom_params * Custom params can be specified in the LTI Configuration in PowerSchool Learning.
context_id Class ID The unique identifier for the Class containing the LTI Launch. This field is immutable and unique within all of PowerSchool Learning.
context_type "CourseSection"  


Class name  
context_label Class shortname In PowerSchool Learning, the class shortname is a url safe string representing a class. It is only unique in the scope the user who owns the class.
oauth_callback "about:blank"  
launch_presentation_locale "en-US"  
LTI Launches presented in an iframe will pass a target of "frame". Those opened in a new browser window will pass "window."
launch_presentation_return_url *Sub-domain url. If a domain has a custom domain name this will be that url instead.
The following are ONLY sent if enabled for this LTI Tool on this domain
LTI Launch Field PowerSchool Learning Field
lis_person_name_given User first_name  
lis_person_name_family User last_name  
lis_person_name_full User full_name  
lis_person_contact_email_primary User email  


* The sub-domain URL for most PowerSchool Learning domains will be https://[sub-domain].mylearning.powerschool.com.


Custom Dynamic and Static Fields

Looking for additional ways to customize your LTI setup in PowerSchool Learning? Check out our Custom Field parameter options, including the ability to pass both Static and Dynamic fields.