How can I enter scores in the Standards-Based Gradebook from the student work that I'm grading?


Q. How can I enter scores in the Standards-Based Gradebook while viewing the student work that I'm grading?

A. There are several ways to enter scores in the Standards-Based Gradebook without leaving the student work that you're grading.

How you do this will vary slightly depending on what you're grading, which you can read about in detail below!

(Note: you can also add or edit scores directly in the Standards-Based Gradebook, if you'd like.)


The Grade Button

Anywhere you see a Grade Button, you can click the button to open a pop-up where you can choose Grade Standards.



This will open a fly-out side panel where you can enter a score for the Student for all attached Standards. You can also enter a comment for each Standard through the Comments tab.  All Comments and Scores will automatically be sent to the Standards-Based Gradebook in your class. 


*These buttons appear in a number of places: for example, in individual Assessment Attempts or when viewing a Students Dropbox for an Assignment.



Click on the name of the Activity, then click Grade Activity.


You can also go to Manage Activity > Grade Activity. Both of these methods will open the pop-up wherein you can Grade Standards.



Go to Manage Assessment > View Results. You can click the Leave Standards-Based Grades button for any completed Assessment Attempt. Clicking that button will open the popup, where you can choose to Grade Standards.


You will also see this button in the upper right while reviewing a completed Assessment Attempt. Clicking this button works just like the Grade Button described above: it will open a pop-up where you can choose Grade Standards and enter grades for the student whose work you're currently viewing.


Go to Manage Discussion > View Results. Click on the Grade button to open the pop-up to Grade Standards.


Dropbox Assignments

Simply open the Assignment in the Dropbox. Here you will see a grid layout of Students alongside the Standards and fields where you can enter scores. 


To leave a comment for a Student, click on their name in the Dropbox, then click the Grade button > Grade Standards to open the fly-out panel where you'll find the comment tab. If you would like to leave a comment on an Assignment that does *not* have a Dropbox, this can be done in the Gradebook on the scores you have entered for the Student. 


While viewing a WikiProject, click the Grade button to open the pop-up. Click Grade Standards to enter scores.


Remember: Changes to Standards-Based Grades stay in sync wherever you make them. Changes made in the Gradebook show up in context, and changes in context show up in the Gradebook.

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