How do I review the Grade Integration Logs for my domain, and what do they tell me about our Aeries/PowerSchool integration?


I want to check on the status of a Gradebook export that was sent from Haiku Learning to PowerSchool or Aeries. Where can I check this, and what can I expect to find?


Grade Integration Logs are the best resource for a Domain to monitor and reference all Gradebook exports from Haiku Learning to PowerSchool or Aeries. These logs can be accessed within any domain, in which the integration has been set up. You can find them under Reports > Grade Integration Logs.




These logs will provide you with the following information:


  • Created At: The date the log was created (or the time the export was run)
  • EClass: The Class to which the grade log belongs
  • Gradable: The name of the exported Gradebook entry
  • Response: The explanation of any errors that occurred during the export


Here is a common Response and how to work with it:


    • {"errorMessage":{"message":"Cannot create assignment","errors":{"resource":"assignment","field":"name","code":"ASSIGNMENT_NAME_TOO_LONG"}}}
    • Quick Fix: Update the Assignment name to 50 characters or fewer and click on the resend button in the Gradebook to take care of this Response.

For additional examples, please see our articles on how to interpret the errors on your Grade Integration Logs for PowerSchool or for Aeries


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