Q. How do I use the Exports tab under Class Analytics?

A. The Exports tab lets you view and download daily activity statistics for a selected date range.

Each row provides a summary of total activity for the date range, but you can click on any number in either table to drill in by date.

There are two Exports tabs in Class Analytics: one under the Overview tab and one under the User Activity tab.

The Exports tables under the Overview tab provide activity summaries By User (shown above) and By Resource (shown below).

You can filter these Activity Summaries by Resource Type or Roster Role, which allows you to answer questions like "How much time did students spend on Assessment Attempts last week?" or "How many hits have students recorded on Pages in the last 30 days?"

You can also sort the Activity Summary by any column, which helps you answer questions like "Which users have been the most active in the last week?" or "Which Pages have the most visits?"

Note that this tab uses grouped filters, which helps the report load more quickly - but also means that you have to click Apply to apply your filter settings to the Activity Summary tables.

The Exports table under the User Activity tab is a little different: it summarizes how much time the selected user has spent on each Resource during the selected date range.

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