What is an ePortfolio?

Q: What is an ePortfolio?


A: The ePortfolio is designed to give students their own personal space within PowerSchool Learning.


Please note: ePortfolios are currently only available to School & District Edition domains of PowerSchool Learning. 


Why use an ePortfolio?

Students can express themselves in their ePortfolio and collect work that they have created through their educational careers. When it comes time for the students to move into the next chapter of their education, students can export their ePortfolios to take with them or send along with college applications!


Here is a small sample of what can end up in an ePortfolio:


  • Thoughts & reflections on the past term
  • Essays (with teacher comments)
  • Embedded Videos
  • WikiProjects (ie Journals, individual or group projects, etc)
  • Images
  • Student created code (ie HTML, CSS, etc)


An ePortfolio can be filled with content created in Classes they attend, and be copied over, e.g from a WikiProject, or they can create Content directly in the ePortfolio, e.g using it as a journal. The ePortfolio is attached to the Student's account and not to a specific Class. This makes their ePortfolio something they can utilize throughout their whole school career.


Can I use ePortfolios?

A member of your school/district's admin team can control who has access to ePortfolios. If you don't have the options to create an ePortfolio, you'll want to reach out to your school/district's admin team via the Help > Contact my Organization menu in the top menu when logged into your Learning account.


Domain admins can fine-tune who has access to ePortfolios. Here are a few examples of the visibility options available:



  • Whether teachers can view ePortfolios for students enrolled in their classes
  • Whether parents can view their children's ePortfolios
  • Allow a specific person to view student ePortfolios (this is really handy for mentors &counselors!)

WikiProjects or ePortfolios? 

Some teachers and domain admins face the question of which would be better to use: WikiProjects or ePortfolios? Both features allow students to create content and express themselves and have similar functionality. The best way to determine which is better is to answer the question: will this activity be connected to a single class?


If the activity is for a single class, it would be best to use a WikiProject. Using a WikiProject allows teachers to grade and provide feedback within the class, creating clear expectations for the student on what is required of them. Additionally, a single class can have multiple WikiProjects assigned to students!


An ePortfolio is best used as a long-term repository for student work and expression. Only a single ePortfolio is available per student and teachers are not able to grade or provide feedback in our interface.




  • ePortfolio
    • Associated with individual students
    • Best for collecting work through educational career
    • No built-in grading/feedback tools
    • Limit one per student

  • WikiProject


Pro-tip: While ePortfolios were designed to not contain any grading or feedback tools, if your School/District uses ePortfolios as part of a college preparatory course, you can use an Assignment to monitor ePortfolio development!