How Can I Use Shadowing To Let Someone See Users' Classes Or Grades?

Q. What can I do with Shadowing?


A. Sometimes people need access to a user's classes, but they’re not a student, a parent, or a teacher. Shadowing gives them the ability to log in to see what’s happening. Unlike Masquerading, Shadowing is a read-only permission: users can see, but they can’t do.


What's Shadowing for?

Typically, Shadowing is used to let people like tutors, counselors, administrators, or coaches keep tabs on their advisees in PowerSchool Learning. (Masquerading is usually reserved for Domain Administrators who might need edit rights in order to test settings and help users troubleshoot.)


Use Shadowing for:


  • A tutor who needs to access their tutees to view discussion posts, review assignments and monitor grades.
  • A principal wants to monitor their teachers to check in on the curriculum in their classes.
  • A coach wants to keep an eye on his team members grades to ensure their academic eligibility.

How much does a Shadowing user see?

When you give a user permission to Shadow other users, you control what they see - from general class materials to specific student data. You can set one of three levels of access for each person who’s shadowing:


  • View Rights: Allows the user to view class materials.
  • View Grades Rights: Allows the user to view class materials and grades.
  • View Student Data Rights: Allows the user to view class materials, grades, and student work (e.g. Dropbox submissions, Assessment attempts, Discussion posts, etc).

2016-10-14 07_46_32-PowerSchool Learning Domain Control Center _ Permission _ achen.png


For security reasons, you can only assign Shadow permissions to one user at a time. However, you can give that one user Shadow rights for multiple other users by assigning the right based on:


  • Organization, which gives the user the right to Shadow everyone in the defined Organization.

*Note: Shadowing by organization only applies if the user and the class are both in the listed organization.


  • Eclass, which gives the user the right to Shadow everyone in a particular Roster.

*Note: Giving Shadowing permission per eclass only gives you the ability to Shadow the users for the listed eclass.


  • User, which gives the user the right to shadow a particular person.