What happens to classes, users, etc. marked as Deactivated/Deleted on the Pre-Import Summary? Follow


Q. What happens to Classes, Users, Grade Levels, Organizations and other items in my import that were marked as Deactivated/Deleted on the Pre-Import Summary tab?


A. The behavior for each item varies a bit, but not to worry! Any item that contains data (such as a Student or Class that has a Grade or Discussion post) will not be deleted by the import. 


Items that are left out of an included file in your Full Import (or marked as Deleted in a Partial Importfile) such as Users, Classes, Roster entries, and Organizations will be marked for review on the Pre-Import Summary tab as Deactivated/Deleted


Here is a general guide for what happens:

  • Deactivated: if there is any data associated with the record, the record will be deactivated.
  • Deleted: if the record has never been edited within the LMS or is more of an attribute of another record (like Grade Levels for a User) then the record is deleted.


Classes records 


  • Deactivated: Active classes listed will be made Inactive, but all content and grades will be preserved. 
  • Deleted: Classes listed are not used to populate any linked roster classes and contain no data (ie grades, student interactions). The unaltered Class records will be destroyed, but no data is lost.


Classes-Custom records


  • Deactivated: Classes-Custom records cannot be deactivated.
  • Deleted: Custom Class info will been removed from the associated class.


Organizations records


  • Deactivated: Visible Organizations will become invisible, but all data will be preserved. 
  • Deleted: Organizations listed have never been edited and contain no data (ie users or classes). The unaltered Organization records will be destroyed, but no data is lost.


Parent-Child records


  • Deactivated: Parent-Child relationships cannot be deactivated. 
  • Deleted: The relationship will be destroyed between the Parent & Child accounts, but the accounts will not be affected (unless accounts are included under the User Deactivated/Deleted Pre-Import Summary).


Users records*


  • Deactivated: Active users will be moved into a Deactivated state, will not take a license, and be unable to log into their account. All data and classes for associated with the user will be preserved. 
  • Deleted: User accounts listed contain no data and have never logged in. The empty accounts will be destroyed, but no data is lost.

*You can read more details about Disabling and Deactivating User accounts here: How do I disable, deactivate or otherwise get rid of User accounts? 


Users-Custom records


  • Deactivated:Users-Custom records cannot be deactivated.
  • Deleted: Custom User information will been removed from the associated account.


Users-Levels records


  • Deactivated: Users-Levels records cannot be deactivated.
  • Deleted: Grade Level information will been removed from the associated account.


Roster records


  • Deactivated: Students will be moved into a hidden state for the specific class roster and unable to access the class, but grades and interactions will be preserved in the class. 
  • Deleted: Enrollment records listed contain no student data. Student accounts are removed from the class rosters, but no data is lost.  
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