How do I export grades for my entire school or organization?

Q: I want to export grades for my entire school, is there a way for me to do that?


A: The PowerSchool Learning Domain Control provides a feature where schools and districts to export grades as .CSV files.


Domain Administrators can access this functionality under the Reports tab of the Domain Control.

The Traditional Grade Report allows you to generate grade exports, which can be filtered by:


  • Organization
  • School Year
  • Term
  • Grade

Additionally, Traditional Grade Reports can be further narrowed down by:


  • Student
  • Class
  • Teacher

You can use Customize Columns to select the fields you wish to have exported, such as Teacher Last Name, Class ID, and *Unpublished Letter and/or Percent Grade (new!), and then set the filters

to control what data you wish to include in this particular export.


2016-10-13 14_00_39-PowerSchool Learning Domain Control Center.png


If this is a particular set of filters and columns that you will use again, you can use the Save This View to capture the settings for later access.


When you are ready to generate your export file, click on Export to CSV.


Note: Teachers can also export grades for each of their classes from the Reports link under the Assess tab in their classes.


*What are Unpublished Grades? Unpublished Letter and Percent Grades correspond with the value in a Teacher's Gradebook in the "Subtotal" column. This is the score the student would get based on all gradebook entries, published or unpublished, in the Gradebook. For more information, check out this article.

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