How do I customize Attendance Book Notation Sets?


Q. I set my Attendance Book up with the default settings, and now I would like to change them, can I do that?

A. If you wish to change/customize the Notation Set now that your Attendance book is set up, you can! Here are the steps:

  1. Click the Edit button to the right of your Attendance Book and choose Edit Notation from the drop-down menu. 

  2. A window will pop up where you can add to, delete from or change the current Notation Set. To Add a Notation, such as excused absence, click on the button Add Notation at the bottom of the Notation list. To delete a notation, click on the delete icon (the recycle bin icon to the far right of the chart). To modify an existing Notation, click in the text box and begin typing. 


The next column, Abbreviation, is how you want to represent your Notation in your Attendance Book (instead of seeing the entire word/phrase that you want to represent, you will only see the abbreviation). You may use up to two letters to make an Abbreviation, such as UA for unexcused absence, or AP for active participation.
*Hint: If you grade participation as well as attendance in your class, the Attendance Book is an easy way to track day to day student participation. Just add Notation for it, such as "No Participation" or "Active Participation."

The third column, Color, is for color-coding the Abbreviations that show up in your Attendance Book. Simply click on the color square in the column to change the color. A mini color chart will pop up and all you have to do is click on the color of your choice.

The fourth column, Auto Fill, is useful if you would like a certain notation--such as Present, "P"--to automatically occupy every square so you don't have to type in "P" for every student (this is especially useful in large classes). If one student happens to be Absent, you can always scroll to that individual student's name, click on the square representing the day s/he was absent, delete the "P" and replace it with the appropriate Abbreviation (probably "A" in this case).

The last option you have in the Edit Attendance Notation window is to save your Notation Settings as a Template, which means you can reuse the same notation in other Attendance Books in this class or in other classes without having to recreate it for each Attendance Book.

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