Q. How do I create a Class Schedule for my Gradebook? I want to set it up so it matches our school's schedule?

A. As a Teacher, if your admin settings permit, you can set up a Class Schedule through the Class Settings area of your course.  The schedule will then automatically display on your Calendar, apply across your class, and display as a filter in your Gradebooks. 

Setting up your Class Schedule

  1. Go to the Class Settings area of the Manage Class menu, and click on the Class Schedule tab. (Hint! You will be prompted to set up your Class Schedule anytime you manually create a class. You can also adjust your schedule through the Gradebook directly.)
  2. Select Create a New Schedule, (or, if your school has already created a Schedule that you would like to use, select Choose a Schedule).

  3. Select on of the default schedule types, like Simple, Halves, Thirds or Quarters.  Or, if these do not meet your needs, select the Custom schedule option on the left. Then, on the right, you can select Terms and Grading Periods. 

    Terms are the highest-level time periods that contain subsets of averaged Grading Periods. If you want one final grade for your Term that combines grading period grades, and your class only spans one Term, you would want to select "1 Term."

    Grading Periods are periods within a Term that are averaged together. For example, if you set up three Grading Periods contained within one Term, the Grading Periods will be averaged together to create the final Term grade.

  4. Select the number of Terms and Grading Periods you'd like, then click Next. 2016-09-20_15_04_19-000134.jpg
  5. Rename your Grading Periods and Terms, if needed, by selecting and overwriting the first field provided. Set the dates for each Grading Period by clicking in the to fields. 2016-09-20_15_05_48-000135.jpg
  6. When you are finished, press Save to save your schedule to this class, and for future use in other classes. 


But what if I am already using a schedule, and I want to switch? How do I switch schedules, and will it mess up my existing Gradebooks?

Teachers can voluntarily move to a new schedule through the Class Settings area of the Manage Class menu at any time. (There is no way for a Domain Administrator to force a teacher to switch to a schedule after their class is already set up.)



  1. Under Class Settings, select the Class Schedule tab and click on the Choose a Schedule button.

  2. Find your schedule under the Choose a Schedule menu and click Save.

  3. The system will prompt a quick warning explaining the process of transitioning your class items from one Class Schedule to another.  Check the box and hit Ok to continue. 


What does "I understand that when I switch Class Schedules, all Gradebook items will be reassigned...." mean for teachers who change their schedules in the middle of a grading period?

Teachers can append comments and notes-to-self to particular grading periods and terms. Changing the grading periods and terms defined by a schedule may result in those comments and notes-to-self being lost.  Changing the Schedule for a Gradebook will not affect comments and notes-to-self attached to a Gradebook item or a particular score. 

One other possible side-effect of changing schedules after a class has begun is the shifting of a Gradebook Entry from one grading period to another if the date of the entry now falls into the date range of another grading period.