How do Grade Notation Sets work?


How do Grade Notation Sets work?



Grade Notation Sets tell your Traditional Gradebook how to convert points into letter grades and letter grades into points. You set the lower limit for each letter grade, as well as the percentage of points you want the Gradebook to award if you enter a letter into the Gradebook instead of a number.

If you're setting up a new Gradebook for the first time, you might want to check out our article on setting up a Gradebook.

To set up Grade Notations for your Gradebook, open your Gradebook and go to Manage Gradebook > Edit Settings > Grade Notations.


If your domain administrators have set up any template Grade Notation Sets for you, you can access them by clicking "Replace from Template." Clicking "Replace from Template" will also let you access any Grade Notation Sets you've created in any of your classes.

If you want to create a new Grade Notation Set, simply give it a name and start entering the notation rules you want to use. Here's a quick definition of what each column is and what it does.

  • The Notation does two things. First, you can use the notation instead of a number when entering grades in the Gradebook. Second, if you've opted to display Letter Grades in the Gradebook - for example, when displaying Published Subtotals - this is the grade that will display.
  • At least sets the minimum percentage of points available the student must earn in order to get the grade listed under Notation. In the example above, a student must earn a 90% to get an A.
  • When entered sets the percentage of points available awarded to the student when you enter the letter grade instead of a number. In the example above, if I enter an A for an assignment, the student will get 95% of the total points available.

Note that if your Notations are numbers (like, for example, 1-7), then you won't be able to enter the notations into the Gradebook, as PowerSchool Learning can't tell if you mean to enter a letter or a number. You can get around this by switching your numerical Notations to something like 7# or 7+.