If your PowerSchool Learning class is visible to the public, people can view your page using just about any modern browser.

However, for logged in users (e.g. Teachers, Students & Parents) to use the more advanced feature, such as Assessments, Discussions, and the Dropbox, the browser requirements are more strict. This allows us to provide you with great functionality and reduce the amount of time you spend maintaining content. 

"Optimized for" Browsers

In this category, we typically keep the latest 1-2 versions of each of our supported browsers.  We work hard to make use of the modern features of each of these browsers and fix bugs quickly.  Current "Optimized for" browsers include:

"Works with" Browsers

In this category, we occasionally support older versions of browsers.  Due to limitations in these older browsers (e.g. non-standard implementation of web-standards), we don't offer all features in this version, but we work to avoid presenting broken behavior.  We fix issues, but they are lower priority than the "Optimized for" browsers. If at all possible, we recommend upgrading these browsers to the optimized versions listed above.  Current "Works with" browsers include:

Mobile and Tablet Browsers

PowerSchool Learning has powerful native apps for the iPad and for Windows 8 devices. Combined with tablet browsers, PowerSchool Learning's native apps allow for nearly all the functionality of the desktop app, plus added functionality such as to-do lists and video and audio recording.

PowerSchool Learning is dedicated to supporting a broad range of mobile operating systems and browsers. While the vast majority of features function in a tablet browser just like in a desktop browser, some PowerSchool Learning features are not fully supported by mobile operating systems and browsers.  

More Information

If you're curious about what behavior to expect if you use a browser that is under review, has limited support or is un-supported, please read this article. We also offer more information about how we test supported browsers.